Sunday, September 30, 2018

Country and Delegation Info

Attached to the Info bulletin (newsletter) we have sent a Countryand delegation Info file.

We would like that all delegation filled in this file and returned it to us.

This would be helpful to prepare and program the activities as well as to have necessary contacts in case is necessary.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sayonara Party

Many have been asking about the Sayonara Party in the Euro Cup 2018.
And we are glad to confirm that there will be one.

We have already placed the information concerning the event in a separate page with all the information. So please check it and if possible let the organization know in advance how many of your delegation will be present.

Please check the Page for the 2018 Sayonara Party in Santarem.

We need to know in advance the number of participants as to inform the Hotel about it to make the arrangements, so information in advance would be much appreciated.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Second Newsletter available for Download

We want to inform that the second Newsletter is already available in the bellow Link:

Second Newsletter for the Euro Wado Cup in Portugal

Also we request that all delegations, as much as possible fill in and return to our e-mail the delegation compiled information in order to help us to better coordinate and prepare for all participants.

You can download it from this external link:
Country delegation info

This is important to know how many people will be coming with each country team, participants in the sayonara party, representatives and contacts in the case that is necessary.

So please fill it in and send us the same to our

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Registration and Validation

Registration and Validation

All competitors, referees, coaches and officials, as in past editions, will have to register in Sportdata. The registrations close on 10th November of 2018, and you can find our competition on the link below:

The competition fees will be the ones set by the FWE:
Kata Individual entry Fee: 15€        
Kumite Individual entry Fee: 15€    
Kata Team entry Fee: 30€
Kumite Team Male Senior entry Fee: 50€
Other Kumite Team entry Fee: 50€

Only registrations made via Sportdata will be considered valid.
All registrations made in sport data will be considered for payment.
There will not be any last time entries.
If change in categories due to wrong insert in age or weight is necessary an additional cost of 10€ will have to be charged.
Payment can be made in cash on the tournament day.
If you wish to pay in advance the competition fees, you can do it to the following IBAN.
IBAN: PT50.0033.0000.4554.2059.6910.5

If you do, all participants that have made the payment in advance, until the 15.10.2018, will receive an offering upon registration validation.
On the 16th of November the registration and validation of Competitors will take place in the HQ hotel from 14:00 until 20:00.
Please register all the Referees and Officials on Sportdata, as soon as possible.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hotel bookings

To all teams that have still not made their preparations to came to the Euro Wado Kai Cup 2018.

It has reach our knowledge that the HQ Hotel is already fully booked.
We are still trying to understand if this reservations are all for the Karate teams coming to participate or otherwise there is another reason for this big hotel being already fully booked. 

Anyway, the fact is that it is, so from this point you should try and find alternatives especially if you require a consiredabel amount of rooms for your teams. 

So, back to the hotels information;
As a second option in terms of recommended Hotels would be the N1.
this is a hostel and not very big, but with very nice facilaties. 
You can check their site in
This one is more in the center of the city, about 5 minutes taxi drive to the venue and to the HQ hotel. 
You can make reservations by e-mail 
In this case please inform them that you are coming for the Euro cup as we have a partnership with them and they are our sponsors in the event.

Another Optionis the UMU Hotel. It is not very close, but it is a 10 minutes drive from the Sports hall and the HQ hotel. The city is not that big, so everything is very close. 
So, you can easily get a taxi that should not be very expensive to move around.
Here is theirs Web site you can contact them directly.
To make reservations you can use the email, please inform them that you are booking for the European Wado Kai Chanpionship. 
We do not have a partnership with them, but it is advisable that they know in what circumstances you are booking and for what reason. That way when we visit them to arrange something there they will know what rooms and people are related with the event.

We advise you to make the booking ASAP because they are probably being booked fast. If there are other events happening in the City at the same time, lodging could run short very fast. There are more alternatives, but not as big and not as close so please do your best to arrange booking as soon as possible.